The SOL of Black Folk

by SOL Development

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SOL Development (Source of Light), mirrors Nina Simone’s quintessential words: an artist’s duty is to reflect the times. The band offers music to illuminate today’s cultural and political climate, matching it with a sound that allows the listener to feel empowered in finding their own activism and healing.

The band will release their full length debut project, The SOL of Black Folk: Of The Dawn of Freedom in Feb 2019. The album title pays homage on W.E.B Du Bois’ The Souls of Black Folk and specially connected to his chapter “Of the Dawn of Freedom.” The album features songs including “Helicopter,” “Source of Light,” and “Nobody”.

Audiences who have witnessed their dynamic live performance include SXSW, Broccoli City Festival, Black Joy Parade, Blue Note NYC, Stern Grove Festival, Oakland Museum of California, Global Climate Summit, HATCH and Blackout for Human Rights: MLK Now. They have shared the stage with Yasiin Bey, Common, Yo-Yo Ma, Masego, India Arie, GZA, Jidenna, Femi Kuti and many more.


released February 22, 2019


all rights reserved



SOL Development Oakland, California

SOL Development is an invitation to The LIGHT.

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Track Name: Helicopter
Verse 1:
You see these Helicopters
Think we thugs, we pimps, we robbers
But we are teachers, preachers, knowledge seekers, lawyers, doctors
They tell you lock your doors, your stores, and hide your sons and daughters
But we are here to bring the truth
With that, they have a problem

And we runnin' from Helicopters
And we runnin' from hella coppers
in helicopters x 2

Rap Verse 1:
Picture me rollin’
In a slave shit that was stolen
To my homeland I am going
Leaving land that was stolen
This freedom ain’t no freedom and you know it
The cops will pull a trigger in a moment
You just another n*gga in that moment
You bout to be a victim in that moment
Hashtag with your picture in a moment
The moment that an athlete say that black lives matter
Twitter quick to call him n*gga in that moment
This shit is for real
Too late to be safe so I say what I feel
To hurt to be fake so I say what is real
You cannot relate to what black people
cause you don’t understand that don’t make it less real
Too stuck in your head when your heart need to feel
The pain that we carry is real
Pressure is building for real
This ain’t no movie or reel
This pressure could kill

Helicopter, helicopter over my head
I see them lights they flashin' blue and that red
They chase us down the street
And they shootin' us dead
Cuz they don’t understand
That we are more than they said (more than they said)

Chorus x 2

Rap verse 3:
Shit I’m tired of duckin from these helicopters,
I know they plottin tryna bomb us while the world watchin’
Bmore to ferguson, them devils ain’t got shit to prove
1985, Philly dropped a bomb on Move
If you runnin, then they gunnin, better know the rules
Same roots, same noose, same strange fruit
Same clan, same badge, same aim too
They fear you, then they frame you, they kill you, then they blame you…
Ooooh, gotta watch out for the planes too
My prayers go out to syria, we say your names too,
Cuz the same hate that we been facin’ is the same hate that bomb they nation but you dont hear me though,
Show me a place where it’s safe for our kids to grow,
The cops shot Tamir Rice at 11 years old.
And I’m not sayin’ it’s the same thing, I just understand the trauma that the pain bring.
Peace King (Exactly)


We are more
Than the fear that you carry
We are more
Than black lives you've buried
We are more
Than anything you could dream
Which is probably the reason why these Helicopters chasing me...

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